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30 06 2011

I feeling-feeling that I am under-utilized.

On my short-stint here at dotdotdots.

Maybe I am not proactive enough, that’s why i have this under-utilized feelings. Instead of waiting for people to call me or invite me to meetings/ discussion/ programmes blablabla… I should’ve dengan tak malunya invite myself. Buat je sibuk-sibuk kat rumah orang, biar orang menyampah, nanti orang halau ko balik rumah sendiri. Haha.

Yesterday I was back to home-office (home sweet home? home-office sweet home-office? got it?) to attend a one-day grooming course. Very interesting. Among the things learnt:

  • tie-pin is pokcik-pokcikkk
  • wearing cuff-links can elevate a person to the highest in the ranking of power dressing
  • the ideal width of the belt must not be more that the length of the thumb’s distal  phalanx  (ruas pertama ibu jari)
  • the length of the pants must cover until the tumit kasut only, advice: when buying formal pants, bring along your formal shoes
  • the tie’s lebar must be around 3-4 inches, less or more than that is considered kureng professional already

Note that the above only apply to men’s power dressing. According to the consultant, we ladies can almost wear anything because we have so many options out there compared to the men. But still, take stock of your working environment before jumping on the adventurous-fashion-train. Check your organization’s dress codes and ethics. Normally any organization will have a chapter on it in the employee’s handbook given to us on our first working day. Or you can always ask the HR people. Or the old-timers at the office.

Last but not least, use your common sense. If the working environment is a professional, dealing with power people-the ministers kind, dress professionally. Safe bet, wear three-piece-suit. I only knew yesterday that skirt ranks higher than the pants for the ladies. Especially long skirt. No wonder the gomen dress-code does not allow pants for the ladies, all this while i was like… ala, tak professional sungguh tak bagi pakai pants, rupanya akak yang kurang professional. Haha. It seems that for the ladies, the more skin you show, the less professional you become. Ha… sebab tu la kena tutup aurat, see what this rule implies? Sedondon betul dengan tanggungjawab kita sebagai muslimah disuruh menutup aurat, supaya kita tidak diambil mudah & murah dan dihormati. Kan kan kan?

Satu akak nak komen (dah lama simpan ni), konpius betul dgn orang2 pi opis pakai tudung belit melampau-lampau sampai jadi serabut serabai pening kepala akak menengoknya. Buat akak tertanya-tanya jugak, ko tak pening kepala ke belit2 gitu sekali. Tu tak masuk lagi bunga/ reben tiga empat bijik me-mahkotai kepala tu, tambah lak kerongsang liplap berjurai-jurai macam ala-ala waterfall gittew, tanglung la, blablabla. Saranan humble akak, save that style only for outings, weddings and occasions, but not to the office please. I myself will not take this kind of dressing (the people) seriously if I am meeting them for the first time. Like what the consultant said yesterday, the first impression matters the most. My say, very true. Once your professionalism has been established, maybe then people will look past your appearance. Masa ni pakai apa pun takpa, org dah kenal. Keje dah dapat, haha. Tapi, masih la kan. You are what you wear. Dress seriously and appropriately, people will take you seriously.



4 responses

30 06 2011
sweet tooth

Yup… you are what you wear (boleh ke cam ni?). Kadang-kadang x paham naper la diorang ni pi opis pakai skirt yang jenis tak cukup kain… may be we need to send them all to this grooming class. Attended one last year…very helpful course.

1 07 2011
che ta

oit, u never say that ‘phalanx’ thing that day? wiki ekkkk… hahahhaha
and ehemm.. today is my ‘groomed’ day ahahahaha

1 07 2011

“Continuous Learning: Learn, Relearn and Unlearn”

always wanted to use that word tau… hehe..

19 07 2011

lor … pakai long skirt lagi profesional looking upernya … barulah tau. tq for sharing.
ida, blog aku yg baru http://mindasegarku.blogspot.com

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